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What is MNS™️ Education?

Posted by My Nail Stuff on

Everything you didn't know you needed ❤️ Education Created for Nail Techs by Nail Techs 

Ever leave a Nail Class feeling invincible, only to get to work the next day feeling overwhelmed because you can't remember anything you learned? My Nail Stuff Education is taking a new approach to help prevent "Not retaining" important techniques. 

Think about it, as real life Nail Techs, we typically have 3-5 jobs. Running kids around, running our advertisement company(instagram), managing our businesses(scheduling), managing other peoples business's(salon owner), our own accountant and on top of actually doing nails, we also take the roll of therapist. Our jobs are by far the hardest thing we've ever done, but so very rewarding ❤️ Which is why MNS Education was created, a program that helps you retain (absorb) and successfully use the tools and techniques you need to level up.




  • As of right now Casey we don’t have education available in Salt Lake. Check your email, we did send some info!

    My Nail Stuff on

  • Do you have any education in Salt Lake City Ut

    Casey Cutler on

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